Travelers earn cash,
while traveling the world.

Why be a Traveler for Qart?

Travelers can deliver what they want, when they want and earn what they want. Not only will you make money traveling, you’ll meet amazing locals along the way. By subsidizing your travel expenses, you can explore more places!

How to Travel and earn with Qart?

1. Search for a destination and swipe through orders

Search for an upcoming holiday or travel destination and view all the orders requested to be delivered there. Swipe through the orders and connect with Shoppers you’re interested to deliver to!

2. Communicate with your Shopper

Use Qart’s secure messaging platform to communicate with the Shopper to clarify any questions you might have. Confirm the order and wait for your Shopper to respond.

3. Purchase the item

Once the Shopper confirms your delivery request, purchase the item as specified in the Order. Keep the Shopper updated by sending pictures through the in-app chat, and decide on a meet-up location.

4. Travel. Meet Shopper. Deliver.

Upon arriving at your destination meet with the Shopper. We recommend meeting at a public location such as a coffee shop. Once the Shopper has inspected the items, scan the in-app QR code and get paid! Don't forget to rate and review the Shopper.

5. Create your next Travel plan

Tell us where you want to travel to next or Heart locations you want to travel to. We will start informing you about Orders that need to be delivered to your destination!

We pay travelers in 40+ different currencies directly to your local bank account. See the full list of currencies here.