At Qart we connect Shoppers around the world with Travelers traveling to different parts of the world. As a Shopper you can post an order on Qart for any item you want, and as a Traveler you can choose to deliver any item posted on Qart. The Shopper gets access to items that either don’t exist in their locale or are cheaper elsewhere, and the Traveler makes money and new connections delivering these items!
Please contact we will work to resolve your issues as quickly as we can.
Travelers are responsible for what they are carrying and delivering. You can view more about customs requirements here, knowing this will be helpful to know whether you are carrying above the legal limits for the country you’re traveling to. You can always get in touch with us if you are not sure.
You can either browse through the Homepage to take a look at our selection of items curated for you or search for an item of your choice. Still can’t find it? No problem! Create your own item (selection should be visible if you search for something we don’t already have) by posting some pictures, description, setting a price, and telling us where you want it delivered. That’s it! One of our Travelers coming your way will request to deliver your item!
As soon as you create and post your order, any Qart user can view your requested order. Your order is categorized by the delivery location you chose, a Traveler can search for your order from the Travel page. You can also view your order from going to the Order History page located in both the Homepage and Travel page.
This can happen for a number of reasons, but most likely because there are not enough Travelers coming your way. Sometimes, this can also happen if your order is not descriptive enough (no pictures or description), out of stock, too large or heavy to carry or difficult to find.
There is no exact number of offers you can receive for your requested item. Any Traveler can request to deliver your item, but it is up to you to decide who will deliver the item for you. As soon as you accept a Traveler’s offer, we recommend you notify the other Travelers as a courtesy.
A Traveler on Qart is another user just like yourself. Qart validates Traveler profiles by not only viewing their social accounts but also verifying their government IDs.
Message your Traveler to decide on a pick up location. Please try to meet in a public place for your safety.
As soon as you’ve accepted a Traveler’s request to deliver your item, Qart will place a hold on your card for the order amount. Once the Traveler delivers your item, we will complete the charge. If the order is mutually canceled in the process, we will lift the hold from your card.
Qart decides how much to compensate your Traveler based on a number of factors, such as item size, weight, distance traveled, item price and a few others.
Qart places a hold on your card as soon as you accept a Traveler’s delivery request. We do this for you and your Traveler’s safety, as a guarantee for the Traveler that you will indeed pay for the item and you won't have to worry about not having the money at the time of pick up.
Yes you can, but you have to do so either before accepting your Traveler’s delivery request or mutually by messaging the Traveler. This is to make sure that your Traveler has not bought your item yet or is willing to help out by canceling the delivery request.
Generally, your Traveler has 72 hours to contact or reply back to your requests. Don’t worry if face any other issues, please contact and we will reach out to the Traveler and help resolve your issues.
We ask the Traveler to upload a picture of the item receipt as a part of the delivery process. If they do not upload it, you can either directly ask them or get in touch with us.
Please visit the Travel page on the app, and search for a destination. You will see a list of orders available for delivery in that location on the map. Tap on any of the pins or cards to view the order, and tap on the button to message the Traveler.
You will earn money for every order you deliver, this is usually calculated based on the item price, size, weight and distance you traveled. We will tell you how you will make for every deliver before you request to deliver it. The more you deliver, the more you make!
Yes you can, but we recommend contacting your Shopper first and explaining the situation first. if there is any questions, we are here to help.
Message your Shopper and decide on a hand off location. Please try to meet in a public place for your safety.
As soon as you’ve delivered the item, and we’ve gotten receipt from both you and the Shopper that the exchange is complete we will deposit the funds into your account.
Generally, your Shopper is asked to reply back within 48 - 72 hours. If they still don’t reply, don’t worry please contact and we will reach out to the Shopper and help resolve your issues.
Generally, it is your responsibility as the Traveler to safely deliver the item. However unfortunate events do occur and we suggest you to purchase a travel insurance to cover you in such situations. Please contact for more information.
Unfortunately, as of now we require that you meet the Shopper and deliver the item in person. This is for you and your Shopper’s safety and also to give a sense of satisfaction to both you.