As a Shopper you can purchase items
from anywhere around the world.

Why Shop through Qart?

Qart lets you shop for products that are unique to different parts of the world, aren’t available near you or are just too expensive where you live. Shop for items ranging from the latest tech gadgets to the newest and trending fashion to your favorite snacks.

How do you Shop through Qart?

1. Create a request for an item you want

You can either search Qart for the item you are looking for or add it yourself and create an order. This will now allow Travelers to view your item and express interest!

2. Review offers from Travelers & confirm the order

We will notify you anytime a Traveler is interested in your order. You are then able to communicate with Travelers, review their profiles and edit your order details if needed till you confirm the order.

To confirm, simply pay Qart with any credit or debit card. The Traveler will only get paid once you have confirmed that the item has been delivered. If your Traveler does not deliver your item for any reason, you will receive a full refund.

3. Stay updated on the progress of your order

Keep in touch with the Traveler through our secure in app-chat, answer any questions from your Traveler, or see pictures of your items! Don’t forget to set up a time and place to meet and pick up your item.

4. Meet with Traveler and pick-up the Item

Meet up with the Traveler at the agreed time and location, we will also suggest safe public locations near you. Once you scan the QR code on the Travelers app, we’ll know the pick up is complete. Bonus points for rating and reviewing the Traveler!

We accept all major debit and credit cards from customers in every country.
VisaCard MasterCard AmericanExpress DiscoverCard UnionPay JCB ApplePay