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Qart lets you shop for anything you want from anywhere in the world. The order is delivered to you by one of our Trusted Travelers. We are a global marketplace that connects Shoppers around the world with Travelers all over the world. Download now to get started!

How would you like to explore Qart

Create an Order

Tell us what you want to buy by creating an order request.

Accept an Offer

Review offers from Travelers, accept an offer. Pay Qart to confirm Order.

Stay Updated

Communicate with your Traveler through Qart's built in messaging service.

Take Order Delivery

Meet up with the Traveler. Scan the QR Code. Pickup the Order.

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Create Travel Plans

Tell us where you want to or are traveling to, we will work to find potential delivery Orders for you!

Swipe to Confirm on Orders

Review pending Orders and swipe right to confirm Orders that match your Travel plans.

Purchase Order & Update Shopper

Purchase the items as agreed, share Order updates with Shopper via Qart's message service.

Deliver Order

Meet the Shopper. Share your QR Code. Deliver the Order and ask for fun things to do around the area!

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How do Payments work?

Qart makes shopping online easy and secure, while simplifying payouts for Travelers.

VisaCard Shopper Confirms Order by Paying Qart

Once the Shopper has reviewed interested Travelers they will pay Qart to confirmed a Traveler. Shopper's money will be in escrow until the delivery is completed.

VisaCard Traveler Purchases item as agreed with Shopper

Traveler will purchase the item requested and agreed with the Shopper with their own money.

VisaCard Traveler delivers item to Shopper

Shoppers and Travelers will meet in a public location. The Shopper will take delivery of the item and scan the in-app QR code to confirm the delivery of the order.

VisaCard Traveler gets paid (Item Price + Traveler Earnings)

Travelers are reimbursed directly into the local bank account within 5 business days of order delivery confirmation.